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Once Upon a Time in Tehran
Once Upon a Time in Tehran (1999)

In the early 40's, after his first visit to Turkey, Reza Shah who was impressed by the fact that Ataturk knew the population of his country ordered a census. In order for the census to properly work out, everyone had to...

Release: 1999

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Hatami,

Cast: Reza Abdi, Afsar Asadi, Manouchehr Azari, Roghayeh Chehreh Azad, Ezzatollah Entezami,

Director of Photography: Mehrdad Fakhimi, Maziar Parto,

The Musician
The Musician (1972)

Being out of prisoner for a long time, a man goes on to pretend marrying a girl who had delivered an illegitimate baby from her nephew, After a while. they feel it would be better that the child's father never come back...

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Esmaeel Nouri Alaa,

Cast: Niloufar, Morteza Ahmadi, Farshid Farzan, Fereshteh Feizi, Giti Forouhar,

Director of Photography: Shokrollah Rafi'ei,

Father who Falls wicked
Father who Falls wicked (1972)

A family is on the verge of collapse and their alcoholic father is careless about it. His children try to save him but they do not succeed, Eventually his destiny comes to a bitter

Run Time: 1h29' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammad Karim Rokni,

Cast: Pouri Banaei, Iran Ghaderi, Mohammadtaghi Kahnamouei, Saeed Kamyar, Jamshid Mashayekhi,

Director of Photography: Nosratollah Kani,

Lollipop (1972)

She is sixteen, but even at such a young age, she faces with many threats coming from the society in which she lives, and becomes involved in dangerous incidents. Nevertheless, she fights back, but all her hopes are lost...

Run Time: 1h34' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Aman Manteghi,

Cast: Jahangir Forouhar, Nouri Kasraei, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Jamshid Mehrdad, Shoukat (Zhaleh) (Jaleh) Olov,

Director of Photography: Nosratollah Kani,

Honored Men
Honored Men (1972)

A young couple love each other. The man, Sasan, who was in a relationship with the girl, goes to his hometown to tell his family about the decision regarding their marriage. But a road accident claims his memory. There i...

Run Time: 1h38' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ghodratollah Bozorgi,

Cast: Peyman, Loreta, Fariba Khatami, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Mansour Sepehrnia,

Director of Photography: Musa Afshar,

Atal Matal Tootooleh
Atal Matal Tootooleh (1972)

Hasan is a young lubber who loves children in spite of being always scoffed by them. He is a kind and emotional person, and loves a girl from the neighborhood, but the girl loves another man. Hasan gets aware and hopeles...

Run Time: 1h54' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Iraj Ghaderi,

Cast: Soheila, Mahnaz, Mohammadreza Fazeli, Farangis Forouhar, Iraj Ghaderi,

Director of Photography: Kamal Motieei Monfared,

The Spring
The Spring (1972)

A Man falls In love with the wife of his friend, but he doesn't let anybody know. The wife has a secret boyfriend too, and they meet in an abandoned house. One night, the husband's friend recogonizes the wife, and becaus...

Run Time: 1h44' . Release: 1972

Categories: Feature,

Director: Arby Ovanessian,

Cast: Jamshid Mashayekhi, Mahtaj Nojumi, Parviz Pourhosseini, Aramais (Arman) Vartani Hovsepian,

Director of Photography: Nemat Haghighi,

The Brick and the Mirror
The Brick and the Mirror (1965)

Hashem is a taxi driver. A passenger leaves a child in his car, and he seeks everywhere to find the mother. Hashem has a girlfriend who loves to have a child. but he has no interest in children. After a series of events,...

Run Time: 2h6' . Release: 1965

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ebrahim Golestan,

Cast: Taji Ahmadi, Parviz Fanizadeh, Manouchehr Farid, Zakaria Hashemi, Mohammadali Keshavarz,

Director of Photography: Herand Minasian,

The Odd People
The Odd People (1987)

Heshmat is a poor worker in Shiraz who, thanks to his diligence, has gathered a small fortune. After the World War I, he becomes prosperous by hoarding sugar and selling it to S.P.R (South Persia Rifles). Then he moves t...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammad Ebrahim Vahidzadeh,

Cast: Roya Afsharinasab, Omid Ahangar, Marzieh Boroumand, Parvin Dolatshahi, Sirus Ebrahimzadeh,

Director of Photography: Iraj Safavi,

Simorgh (1987)

Sadegh Haghighi is one of those people who travel to Kuwait, Muscat and Tyre and other lands with an illusion of achieving great successes. He tries to cross the sea illegally, but he gets arrested in the Gulf of Oman an...

Run Time: 1h43' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Akbar Sadeghi,

Cast: Bijan Emkanian, Sadegh Hatafi, Jamshid Layegh, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Bahram Mohammadi,

Director of Photography: Alireza Zarrindast,

Shadows of Grief
Shadows of Grief (1987)

Two cousins marry together in order to fulfill the dreams of two brothers who wish to have grandchildren. The dreams of the two families are far fetched, and the woman cannot fulfill this dream. The two families go throu...

Run Time: 1h34' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Shapour Gharib,

Cast: Reza Arefan, Tooran Ghaderi, Khosro Ghanbari, Alireza Gharib, Hossein Giti,

Director of Photography: Farajollah Heydari,

The Lead
The Lead (1988)

In 1948, Israel's New Foundation in Palestine evoke the Jews to come to this land. The case of a young Jew named Daniel and his wife Monsay at the Immigrant Jewish Information Center in Tehran is underway. Daniel's uncle...

Run Time: 2h12' . Release: 1988

Categories: Feature,

Director: Masoud Kimiaei,

Cast: Shahed Ahmadloo, Hadi Eslami, Farimah Farjami, Najaf Fatahi, Farhad Khan Mohammadi,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Kalari,

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