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Struggle with the devil
Struggle with the devil (1953)

Khosrow writes about the women after being separated from his wife Zohreh due to betrayal; but once devil appeared and traveled with him, during which Khosrow finds out how much devil influences women. She travels with a...

Run Time: 1h40' . Release: 1953

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hossein Madani,

Cast: Sonia, Mehri Aghili, Hooshang Beheshti, Mohammadhossein Ghaffari, Hamid Ghanbari,

Director of Photography: Iraj Farah Vashi,

The Familiar Face
The Familiar Face (1953)

Parivash and Mahvash are two sisters with two different morals, Parivash is introduced to a futile friendship with a young man named Firouz, and his device is distracted and wandered and displaced. Mahvash marries Behroo...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1953

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hassan Kheradmand,

Cast: Parkhideh, Sonia, Abdollah Baghaei, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Hamid Ghanbari,

Director of Photography: Enayatollah Femin,

Alish, the Gypsy Girl
Alish, the Gypsy Girl (1964)

Alish the gypsy girl, has come to the attention of two young men. By preferring one of them, she makes the other one angry. After the troubles that the wicked young man makes, Alish is finally able to marry her beloved m...

Release: 1964

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samad Sabahi,

Cast: Sonia, Rofia, Wahik, Roza, Saber Atashin,

Director of Photography: Abbas Dastmalchi,

The Dangerous Chase
The Dangerous Chase (1964)

A young police detective disguises as a smuggler and enters a large gang. He plots a friendship with the sister of the gang's head, and in collaboration with her, manages to disrupt the gang and surrender its members to...

Release: 1964

Categories: Feature,

Director: Reza Safaei,

Cast: Yuri, Sonia, Bita, Mohsen Arastehnia, Ali Azad,

Director of Photography: Jamshid Alvandi,

Cavaliers and Gigolos
Cavaliers and Gigolos (1964)

In a neighborhood, two groups of punks and gigolos are always in conflict with each other. But eventually after a lot of quarrels, a punk marries the sister of a gigolo, and a gigolo marries the sister of a punk, so the...

Run Time: 1h41' . Release: 1964

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hossein Madani,

Cast: Mozhgan, Sonia, Sita, Mohsen Arastehnia, Dariush Asadzadeh,

Director of Photography: Kamal Motieei Monfared,

The City Thief
The City Thief (1964)

Trying to get arrest the skilled thief of a jewelry, every trick and idea proves futile. Finally, the police appeals to a retired and successful detective. Meanwhile, the thief happens to get acquainted with the detectiv...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1964

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hossein Madani,

Cast: Parkhideh, Sonia, Pouri Banaei, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Mohammadreza Fazeli,

Director of Photography: Homayoun Arjmand,

One Step to Heaven
One Step to Heaven (1966)

A Miserable and disappointed mother abandons her child. A poor but kindhearted old man finds the child. The mother regrets and returns to take her child back, but she fails to find him. She then dedicates herself to take...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Nosratollah Vahdat,

Cast: Yuri, Sonia, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Pouri Banaei, Ali Miri,

Director of Photography: Shokrollah Rafi'ei,

My Father Was Guilty
My Father Was Guilty (1966)

A respected family is torn apart due to the whims of the father. The son becomes a thief and later a murderer, so he gets arrested. The father is regretful but there is no time to regret.

Run Time: 1h48' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Reza Safaei,

Cast: Sonia, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Akbar Hashemi, Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Ebrahim Naderi,

Director of Photography: Gholamreza (Reza) Mojaveri,

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves of Baghdad
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves of Baghdad (1967)

Ali Baba is favored by the poor and hated by the rich. Once in a while, he and his 40 fighters mark a rich person, until one day he happens to meet the ruler’s daughter and falls in love with her. Thereafter, he fights w...

Run Time: 1h45' . Release: 1967

Categories: Feature,

Director: Amin Amini,

Cast: Yadi, Sonia, Manouchehr Akhzarpour, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Hamideh (Nadereh) Kheirabadi,

Director of Photography: Fereydoun Reypour,

Bianca Bride (Bride of Bianca)
Bianca Bride (Bride of Bianca) (1970)

Prince of Bianca land who is tired of formality and luxury, disguises and comes to Tehran and meets a girl accidentally. Naivety and intimacy of the girl attracts him and the girl falls in love with him gradually. But th...

Run Time: 1h55' . Release: 1970

Categories: Feature,

Director: Shapour Gharib,

Cast: Diana, Sonia, Nasrin, Habibollah Boloor, Ebrahim Fakhar,

Director of Photography: Ghodratollah Ehsani,

The Mountain Girl
The Mountain Girl (1963)

The daughter of the village landlord and the daughter of its chief are both in love with a young engineer. After a few incidents, the landlord's daughter puts an end to this issue. She makes fool of herself so that the y...

Run Time: 1h31' . Release: 1963

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammadali Jafari,

Cast: Soheila, , Sonia, Mohammadali Jafari, Jaleh Mohajer,

Director of Photography: Mehdi Amir Ghasemkhani (Khani),