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Hashem Khan
Hashem Khan (1966)

A microfilm containing classified information is stolen. Ali who is an employee at the office originally responsible for preserving the film tries to find it. He succeeds to do so after a series of attempts, but criminal...

Run Time: 1h40' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammad Zarrindast,

Cast: Yadi, Yuri, Adile, Katayoun Amirebrahimi, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar,

Director of Photography: Maziar Parto,

The Three Heroes
The Three Heroes (1966)

Three young men whose business in a bar has been very successful are facing two problems: an old guy who is a broke businessman, is informed that his daughter, who's been studying at Europe and thinks that his father is...

Run Time: 1h45' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Amin Amini,

Cast: Shahin, Yuri, Adile, Mohsen Arastehnia, Soraya Beheshti,

Director of Photography: Fereydoun Reypour,

Farewell to Tehran (Goodbye Tehran)
Farewell to Tehran (Goodbye Tehran) (1966)

A girl has fallen in love with her young boss, but because of her blindness, she doesn't reveal her love. When the boss returns from Europe with his spouse, the girl gets completely disappointed. Since then, she devotes...

Run Time: 2h0' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samuel Khachikian,

Cast: Adile, Saghi, Aziz Asli, Pouri Banaei, Iran Ghaderi,

Director of Photography: Nosratollah Kani,

The Rural Boy
The Rural Boy (1966)

A Lord and his wife who have not a child, adopt one of the two children who have lost their parents in a fire. After Years, the Lord's stepson, Changiz, returns to his village, where his brother, Ja'far, works as a farme...

Run Time: 1h37' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Azizollah Rafi'ei Tari,

Cast: Soheila, Yuri, Adile, Reza Banki, Mahin Deyhim,

Director of Photography: Azizollah Rafi'ei Tari,

The Starving Millionaires
The Starving Millionaires (1967)

Three taxi drivers who are friends try to help a mutual friend.

Release: 1967

Categories: Feature,

Director: Esmaeel Riahi,

Cast: Yadi, Adile, Shahram, Katayoun Amirebrahimi, Reza Beyk Imanverdi,

Director of Photography: Nosratollah Kani, Ahmad Shirazi,

The Diorama
The Diorama (1967)

Four cousins who are about to marry each other find out that their uncle replaced them when they were kids, because of the hatred against his brother. So the brides and the grooms are now actually sisters and brothers....

Run Time: 1h44' . Release: 1967

Categories: Feature,

Director: Parviz Osanloo,

Cast: Adile, Mohammad Abdi, Simin Alizadeh, Maria Alvandi, Hossein Eshragh,

Director of Photography: Jamshid Alvandi,

Three Eye Ruby
Three Eye Ruby (1970)

A young girl named Shohre is killed in the Shomal hotel and it seems as if she’s committed suicide because she’s been rejected by her love who is the singer in the hotel (Shahin). Shohre’s younger sister, Firouzeh, track...

Run Time: 1h42' . Release: 1970

Categories: Feature,

Director: Aramais Aghamalyan,

Cast: Adile, Simin Alizadeh, Mohammadali Fardin, Jahangir Ghaffari, Mohsen Mahdavi,

Director of Photography: Homayoun Arjmand,