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Golden Dreams
Golden Dreams (1951)

A young boy sees in his dream that he has entered Shah Abbās’s royal court and serves in a highly respected position there. Then his dream comes true and he is allowed to live in the royal court for a day.

Run Time: 1h25' . Release: 1951

Categories: Feature,

Director: Moezodin Fekri,

Cast: Parkhideh, Soodabeh, Iran Daftari, Moezodin Fekri, Ahmad Ghadakchian,

Director of Photography: Nouri Habib,

Handmade Hunting
Handmade Hunting (1951)

A beautiful young maid starts working in a family, and has the whole family impressed by her beauty. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her, but she only loves the youngest of the sons. At the end, after a series o...

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 1951

Categories: Feature,

Director: Sadegh Bahrami, Ali Darya Beygi,

Cast: Soodabeh, Zohreh, Rouhabakhsh, Sadegh Bahrami, Iran Daftari,

Director of Photography: Mohsen Badee,

The One-Day Ruler
The One-Day Ruler (1952)

A peasant man enters a city, but it takes no long that is misidentified as the city's governor - as both have a similar look. Chances are, the true governor has already been lost while hunting; so the peasant happens to...

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 1952

Categories: Feature,

Director: Parviz Khatibi,

Cast: Soodabeh, Mastaneh, Abdollah Mohammadi, Mohammadali Sakha, Zari Vedadian,

Director of Photography: Iraj Farah Vashi, Vahan Terpanchian,

Life Again
Life Again (1952)

A girl runs away from the family's restrictions to live in her own way. During the adventures of the girl, she finds that she is confused in her diagnosis and, therefore, returns to her family and begins her new career.

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 1952

Categories: Feature,

Director: Parviz Khatibi,

Cast: Parkhideh, Soodabeh, Zia Al-absari, Mohammadhossein Ghaffari, Abdollah Mohammadi,

Director of Photography: Abolghasem Rezaei, Vahan Terpanchian,

The Innocent Convict
The Innocent Convict (1953)

After a goodman's death, the mother of the family and her children become homeless. The son, who is a painter, is charged for murder although being innocent. After this incident, the mother passes away and the daughter d...

Run Time: 1h45' . Release: 1953

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Mahzoun,

Cast: Mina, Soodabeh, Khosro Haritash, Habib Khosravi, Ali Mahzoun,

Director of Photography: Boris Matayof,

Dream and imagination
Dream and imagination (1955)

“Majid” is a young shy man who considers himself a hero but only in his imaginations. He is in love with a rich girl. The girl’s protector who owns a cafe, wants to marry the girl and sieze her wealth. But Majid overcome...

Release: 1955

Categories: Feature,

Director: Majid Mohseni,

Cast: Soodabeh, , Ahmad Ghadakchian, Rostam Khani, Lotfi,

Director of Photography: Georges Listchinsky,

The Blossoms of Hope
The Blossoms of Hope (1964)

A man rapes his maid and causes her to get excluded from her family. The maid who has gotten pregnant, gives birth to her child, but abandons it because of her inability to raise the baby. A driver finds the baby and kee...

Release: 1964

Categories: Feature,

Director: Reza Safaei,

Cast: Soodabeh, Ali Azad, Akbar Jannati Shirazi, Fariba Khatami, Hamideh (Nadereh) Kheirabadi,

Director of Photography: Reza Anjomruz,

The Charlatan
The Charlatan (1966)

A young man happens to meet a very rich girl. The girl is under the threat of her step-mother wants to take the the possession of girl's money. The girl asks for the guy's help. The guy comes back as the girl's driver. W...

Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Saber Rahbar,

Cast: Soodabeh, Mohsen Arastehnia, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Marootian, Jamshid Mehrdad,

Director of Photography: Saber Rahbar,

Today and Tomorrow
Today and Tomorrow (1966)

A bus is taking the children of an orphanage to the Iranian northern forests for a camp. An accident leads their teacher to meet the daughter of a wealthy man whose villa is located next to their camp. The wealthy man di...

Run Time: 1h39' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Abbas Shabaviz,

Cast: Soodabeh, Katayoun Amirebrahimi, Jahangir Ghaffari, Mohammadali (Homayoun) Tabrizian, Aramais (Arman) Vartani Hovsepian,

Director of Photography: Mehdi Amir Ghasemkhani (Khani),

The Starless Man
The Starless Man (1967)

A boy who has inherited a large amount of money escapes from his cousin's plots and grows up with a digger. When he becomes an adolescent, he faces his cousin again, but this time a girl is drawn into the matter. The gir...

Release: 1967

Categories: Feature,

Director: Azizollah Bahadori,

Cast: Soodabeh, Manouchehr Ahmadi, Katayoun Amirebrahimi, Dariush Asadzadeh, Reza Beyk Imanverdi,

Director of Photography: Ghodratollah Ehsani,

The Third Victim
The Third Victim (1967)

A group of criminals have murdered a wealthy man. They also have kidnapped his child and are now asking the man's wife to pay a great deal of her husband's wealth in ransom. The woman contacts the police, and thanks to t...

Release: 1967

Categories: Feature,

Director: Abolghasem Malakuti,

Cast: Soodabeh, Rofia, Martin, Katayoun Amirebrahimi, Ali Azad,

Director of Photography: Ryaz Basim,

Faith (1967)

An engineer returns home from Europe to become the new head of his father's factory. Under the influence of a friend, he falls more and more into the gambling and addiction. To some extend that one day he loses all that...

Release: 1967

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mehdi Rais Firouz,

Cast: Yadi, Soodabeh, Hooshang Beheshti, Leyla Forouhar, Iran Ghaderi,

Director of Photography: Enayatollah Femin,

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