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Operation Engineering
Operation Engineering (2015)

Martyr Taleb Taheri was born in 1344. The same year, MKO Organization of Iran (PMOI) was formed. In March, 1361, the point of intersection between martyr Taheri and the PMOI was made.

Run Time: 42'0" . Release: 2015

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Reza Hosseini,


Director of Photography: Mehrdad Eghtedari, Ahmad Jamshidi,

A Requim for a Clown
A Requim for a Clown (2009)

Asghar is an amature comedian who works in a resturant but it's not successful inhis worknand for this reasin He is being fired . He meets a mysterious person who tells him that he can fulfill his dream.

Run Time: 12'0" . Release: 2009

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Reza Maghsoudi,

Cast: Reza Hosseini, Aziz Maleki, Katayoun Sharifi, Parviz Sirati,

Director of Photography: Davoud Amiri,

The Cocoon to Flight
The Cocoon to Flight (2014)

Yale Abad village, which until 2003 was a place for drug smuggling, with the efforts of Mahmoud Pirouz Hamidi, this region has become the main pillar of export of pomegranates in the country.

Run Time: 25'0" . Release: 2014

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Mohammadali Yazdanianparast,


Director of Photography: Hamid Kazemi,

Value (2017)

The narratives of the devotees, the sons of the martyrs, the captives and the sacred defense writers are the from the value of the imposed war.

Run Time: 49'0" . Release: 2017

Categories: Documentary, Feature,

Director: Reza Hosseini,


Director of Photography: Hadi Hosseinipouya, Ahmad Khalil Aval,

One Step to Death
One Step to Death (1961)

A group of thieves, including a girl, commit a great theft. At the meantime, one of them gets injured. The thieves bring a doctor to visit him, and then hide somewhere until their colleague recover. Meanwhile, the girl m...

Run Time: 1h42' . Release: 1961

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samuel Khachikian,

Cast: Soheila, Narmela, Reza Beyk Imanverdi, Abdollah Butimar, Reza Hosseini,

Director of Photography: Ghodratollah Ehsani,

Narrow Alleys
Narrow Alleys (2004)

A little girl has found a cassette that contains her father’s voice recordings and it is the only memento she has from him. She can’t wait to hear the recordings but her mother does not approve of her decision. She is w...

Run Time: 1h20' . Release: 2004

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Zamani Esmati,

Cast: Sedigheh Arami, Reza Hosseini, Mohammad Hosseini, Meysam Jahankhah, Parisa Pourghasemi Yazdi,

Director of Photography: Masoud Salami,

Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior)
Mind Your Manners (Correct Your Behavior) (2010)

Ibrahim has come to his aunt’s house in Tehran to participate in entry exam for masters degree. The morning of the day that he and his cousin Aghil are going to the test session, Besharat suddenly appears in front of him...

Run Time: 1h28' . Release: 2010

Categories: Feature,

Director: Masoud Atyabi,

Cast: Reza Attaran, Mohammadmehdi Faghih Monfared, Elham Hamidi, Reza Hosseini, Hamed Komeili,

Director of Photography: Hassan Pouya,

Thieves of Jordan Street
Thieves of Jordan Street (2010)

The story of two small time thieves who plan to pull off a big heist.

Run Time: 1h27' . Release: 2010

Categories: Feature,

Director: Vahid Eslami,

Cast: Arzhang Amirfazli, Mohammadreza Esmaeeli, Hadis Fooladvand, Hosseinali Ghourchi, Hamid Goudarzi,

Director of Photography: Mohammad Majidi,

Football Lovers
Football Lovers (2010)

This film's story is about the rise of a first league football team to a higher league and the problems that come up on their way. With the arrival of a Brazilian coach, this issues increase and everything happens in an...

Run Time: 1h42' . Release: 2010

Categories: Feature,

Director: Abbas Khajehvand,

Cast: Mehdi Aminikhah, Kimia Babaeian, Mehran Ghafourian, Javad Hashemi, Reza Hosseini,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Akbari Parast,

A Pocket Full of Money
A Pocket Full of Money (2009)

Amirali is in love with his cousin Pouneh. They are going to marry, but sudden deaths of their fathers in a car accident caused by Amirali's father having no driving license, turns the wedding ceremony into a mourning. P...

Run Time: 1h28' . Release: 2009

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ghodratollah Solh Mirzaei,

Cast: Sadif Aramideh, Mohsen Ghazi Moradi, Hossein Hadianfar, Anahita Hemati, Reza Hosseini,

Director of Photography: Hassan Karimi,

Dress Right
Dress Right (2008)

A soldier and a thief replace each other and this leads to some adventures.

Release: 2008

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammadreza Varzi,

Cast: Akbar Abdi, Leyla Barkhordari, Farideh Daryamaj, Reza Hosseini, Mehdi Kasehsaz,

Director of Photography: Mojtaba Rahimi,