Hooshang Etezadi

Hooshang Etezadi

Hooshang Etezadi

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 The Thief of Love
 The Thief of Love (1952)

Being unable to find a job, "Majid" makes use of his brief talent of music to enter Aayanolmolk's family as a music teacher. At the meantime, the family is about to welcome their bridegroom, who is actually a fraudulent...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1952

Categories: Feature,

Director: Esmaeel Koushan,

Cast: Parkhideh, , Aliasghar Berenji, Alexander Bijanian, Hooshang Etezadi,

Director of Photography: Enayatollah Femin,

Impatient (1953)

A young man who lost his father's childhood is deceiving a girl in a village and flees to the city. The girl is displaced and eventually joins the group of wicked women. The boy engages in criminal adventures and takes h...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1953

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ahmad Fahmi,

Cast: Toghrol Afshar, Hossein Amir Fazli, Abdollah Baghaei, Mahin Deyhim, Hooshang Etezadi,

Director of Photography: Nouri Habib,

The Flying Man
The Flying Man (1961)

An ambitious and naïve person whose goal is to get rich as soon as possible, invents some stuff in order to make his dreams true. But after a series of evetns, he comes to the conclusion that he must be a realist and see...

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 1961

Categories: Feature,

Director: Parviz Khatibi,

Cast: Taji Ahmadi, Hooshang Etezadi, Hamid Ghanbari, Nahid Malek Mohammadi, Hooshang Sarang,

Director of Photography: Fereydoun Ghavanloo,