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Amir Arsalan-e Namdar
Amir Arsalan-e Namdar (1955)

"Amir Arsalan" who is in love with "Farokh Lagha" goes to west in seeking for her, when he confronts with two ministers of King Peter. He is supported by "Shams-e-Vazir", but is hated by "Ghamar-e-Vazir" whose plots invo...

Run Time: 1h56' . Release: 1955

Categories: Feature,

Director: Shapour Yasemi,

Cast: Ilosh, Rofia, Hossein Amirfazli, Kourosh Koushan, Ebrahim Koushan,

Director of Photography: Enayatollah Femin, Mahmoud Koushan,

Life Is Sweet
Life Is Sweet (1956)

Habib who distributes flyers as a job finds a purse which belongs to a girl called Mahboubeh. He searches for the owner and returns her the purse upon finding her. This results in the two falling in love despite differen...

Release: 1956

Categories: Feature,

Director: Majid Mohseni,

Cast: Tahmineh, Rofia, Abbas Damavandi, Moezodin Fekri, Hamid Ghanbari,

Director of Photography: Georges Listchinsky,

Rostam vs. Sohrab
Rostam vs. Sohrab (1957)

A part of "Shahnameh" consists of stories about "Rostam" and his relation with "Tahmineh", daughter of Samangan's king. Tahmineh gives birth to Rostam's son, "Sohrab". By "Hooman"'s conspiracy, father and son confront ea...

Release: 1957

Categories: Feature,

Director: Shahrokh Rafi, Mehdi Rais Firouz,

Cast: Tahmineh, Rofia, , Akbar Khajavi, Hossein Moatar,

Director of Photography: Georges Listchinsky,

A Party in Hell
A Party in Hell (1957)

Haji Jabbar a rich man, but very scrooge, does not agree for marriage of his daughter, Parvin, and her cousin, Haji decides to get her married to an old wealthy man, only to gain some more profit, He is equally blind to...

Run Time: 1h59' . Release: 1957

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samuel Khachikian, Moushegh Sarvari,

Cast: Parkhideh, Rofia, Ebrahim Bagheri, Akbar Khajavi, Kanaan Kiani,

Director of Photography: Enayatollah Femin,

Storm in Our Town
Storm in Our Town (1958)

A wounded Psychic man, escapes from a madhouse and settles in a non-residential house where, Simin, who has recently lost her husband and lives there along with her child. She becomes friend with a young guy, named Saeed...

Run Time: 2h0' . Release: 1958

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samuel Khachikian,

Cast: Rofia, Susan, Vahan Aghamalian, Hossein Daneshvar, Vida Ghahramani,

Director of Photography: Vahak Vartanian,

The Wild Angel
The Wild Angel (1959)

A bankrupt businessman who has just became a father, leaves his newborn on street. A sweeper finds the baby and looks after her. Once grown, the girl flees from the sweeper's house and after experiencing a number of inci...

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 1959

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mehdi Rais Firouz,

Cast: Rofia, Shamila Besharatian, Mehri Ghajar, Abdollah Khorrami, Farideh Nasiri,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Nozari,

Alish, the Gypsy Girl
Alish, the Gypsy Girl (1964)

Alish the gypsy girl, has come to the attention of two young men. By preferring one of them, she makes the other one angry. After the troubles that the wicked young man makes, Alish is finally able to marry her beloved m...

Release: 1964

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samad Sabahi,

Cast: Sonia, Rofia, Wahik, Roza, Saber Atashin,

Director of Photography: Abbas Dastmalchi,

The Third Victim
The Third Victim (1967)

A group of criminals have murdered a wealthy man. They also have kidnapped his child and are now asking the man's wife to pay a great deal of her husband's wealth in ransom. The woman contacts the police, and thanks to t...

Release: 1967

Categories: Feature,

Director: Abolghasem Malakuti,

Cast: Soodabeh, Rofia, Martin, Katayoun Amirebrahimi, Ali Azad,

Director of Photography: Ryaz Basim,

Women Are Angels
Women Are Angels (1963)

As a result of a misunderstanding, a man gets suspicious of his wife for cheating on him and leaves her. The woman tries to commit suicide, but a young man rescues her, After he finds out about the story, he tries to fin...

Release: 1963

Categories: Feature,

Director: Esmaeel Poursaeed,

Cast: Rofia, Wahik, Mohammadali Fardin, Akbar Hashemi, Saeed Kamyar,

Director of Photography: Saeed Neyvandi,