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Naghi Masoumi

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About Safavid And Isfahan
About Safavid And Isfahan (1988)

A documentary about the Safavid dynasty in Iran and the historical monuments of this dynasty in the cities of Tabriz, Qazvin and Isfahan.

Run Time: 37'0" . Release: 1988

Categories: Documentary,


Cast: Saeed Amiri, Ali Ashraf Karami,

Director of Photography: Naghi Masoumi,

The Beach House
The Beach House (1969)

A young girl and a boy meet each other in a northern coast city, and soon fall in love for each other. But they can't be with each other because the people around them disagree. Later, the boy finds the girl in one of th...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1969

Categories: Feature,

Director: Amirhoushang Kavousi,

Cast: Hossein Jahangiri, Kamyab Kasravi, Hooshang Owj, Nasrin Safaei,

Director of Photography: Naghi Masoumi, Maziar Parto,

A Simple Event
A Simple Event (1973)

The movie tells the story of the monotonous life of a kid in Bandar Torkaman, whose father earns money through illegal fishing.

Run Time: 1h28' . Release: 1973

Categories: Experimental, Feature,

Director: Sohrab Shahid Sales,

Cast: Anne Mohammed Tarikhi, Habibollah Safarian, Mohammad Zamani,

Director of Photography: Naghi Masoumi,