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I'm Dying to Get Money
I'm Dying to Get Money (1959)

A young worker falls in love with the daughter of a manufacturer whom he works for. The worker is always dreaming about his ambitions. One night he dreams that he has two bags full of money. He provides the best for his...

Run Time: 1h35' . Release: 1959

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mehdi Rais Firouz,

Cast: Soheila, Ghiyas, Mahin Ansari, Gholamreza Karimi, Niktaj Sabri,

Director of Photography: Saber Rahbar,

Convicted (1963)

Mr. Omidvar, a trusted employee of the bank, is resposible to transfer some gold and jewelry from Abadan to Tehran ..

Run Time: 1h36' . Release: 1963

Categories: Feature,

Director: Farajollah Nasimian,

Cast: Ghiyas, Javad Gha'em Maghami, Ashraf Kashani, Jamshid Mehrdad, Majid Mohseni,

Director of Photography: Naser Rafat,

Temptation (1964)

A girl from a wealthy family who doesn’t want to marry the guy whose father has chosen for her, runs away. The father sets a prize for the one who returns her home. A young man finds the girl and wants to get her back to...

Run Time: 1h29' . Release: 1964

Categories: Feature,

Director: Naser Rafat,

Cast: Diana, Ghiyas, Gholamhossein Bahmanyar, Javad Gha'em Maghami, Abolghasem Malakuti,

Director of Photography: Naser Rafat,

Golden Arm
Golden Arm (1966)

A Chinese scientist called Dr. Changlou has established some destructive and evil installations. The Intelligence Agency gets aware and sends a proficient agent known as the Golden Arm to investigate the case. The Golden...

Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Robert Eckhart,

Cast: Gisoo, Ghiyas, Feizi, Forouzanfar, Simin Ghaffari,

Director of Photography: Jamshid Alvandi,

Sadness and Happiness
Sadness and Happiness (1968)

After an accident, a young girl looses her memory. She can't remember anything from her past. After a while, she marries a man. But another accident causes her to remember everything. Then she returns to her father. Her...

Run Time: 1h39' . Release: 1968

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ahmad Safaei,

Cast: Ghiyas, Mohammad Abdi, Katayoun Amirebrahimi, Azhadi, Feizi,

Director of Photography: Hossein Ghasemivand,

Flames of Wrath
Flames of Wrath (1968)

Jaber, who is the leader of a rich tribe, has chosen his beautiful niece, Pooneh, to get married to his son, Jasem. Pooneh does not want to accept this marriage, because she knows that Jaber and Jasem are responsible fo...

Run Time: 1h42' . Release: 1968

Categories: Feature,

Director: Reza Safaei,

Cast: Shahin, Ghiyas, Mohsen Arastehnia, Naser Jack Lord, Ebrahim Naderi,

Director of Photography: Saeed Neyvandi,

Commotion over Money
Commotion over Money (1968)

Three adolescents who work in a big store are accidently involved in a conspiracy. They inform the man who is the target of the conspiracy, and after a series of events, they finally succeed to arrest the criminals .

Run Time: 1h37' . Release: 1968

Categories: Feature,

Director: Parviz Khatibi,

Cast: Shahin, Mozhgan, Ghiyas, Jahangir Ghaffari, Farhad Hamidi,

Director of Photography: Eshagh Na'man,

Runaway Millionaire
Runaway Millionaire (1966)

Kamran owns a big factory and is living his life unhappily. Even though his factory is running smoothly with the help of his associate, he's facing issues with his fiancee causing him to plan his own suicide. He hires a...

Run Time: 1h36' . Release: 1966

Categories: Feature,

Director: Naser Malek Motiee,

Cast: Mina, Ghiyas, , , Reza Beyk Imanverdi,

Director of Photography: Ghodratollah Ehsani,