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Tiger of the Ring (The Caged Tiger)
Tiger of the Ring (The Caged Tiger) (1964)

A young wrestler wins a championship title. He has fallen in love with a girl and dreams of marrying her. Meanwhile, a criminal woman makes acquaintance with him and leads him to a life of nightclubbing and addiction and...

Release: 1964

Categories: Feature,

Director: Reza Beyk Imanverdi,

Cast: Yadi, Pouri, Mohsen Arastehnia, Ali Azad, Reza Beyk Imanverdi,

Director of Photography: Ghodratollah Ehsani,

Poor Thing!
Poor Thing! (1965)

Trying to provie his sister's dowry, a villager plans to travel to city, but at the same time, he is worried about the malevolent thoughts his landlord expresses towards his wife. He finally goes to the city. During a se...

Run Time: 1h44' . Release: 1965

Categories: Feature,

Director: Nosratollah Vahdat,

Cast: Bita, Pouri, Mohsen Arastehnia, Pouri Banaei, Mavandadi,

Director of Photography: Homayoun Arjmand,

Water (1974)

Tofigh has the monopoly right to distribute water in his village, but Muslim is trying to fight it. Tofigh tries to cause some difficulties to him but Moslem puts up resistance. Eventually Moslem is killed. But it's not...

Run Time: 1h27' . Release: 1974

Categories: Feature,

Director: Habib Kavosh,

Cast: Sepideh, Pouri, Morteza Ahmadi, Saeed Amir Atlasian, Siamak Atlasi,

Director of Photography: Loreta Hairapedian,