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The Last Reconnaissance
The Last Reconnaissance (1993)

The story is about a critical situation during the Iran-Iraq war. There occurs a struggle between the Iranian and Iraqi forces when the Iranian soldiers get together in a special place and two of them are drowned in enem...

Run Time: 1h32' . Release: 1993

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Shah Hatami,

Cast: Shina Ahmadi, Gholamreza Akbari, Farzin Azhdari, Abbas Bayat, Allahkaram Eftekhari,

Director of Photography: Mohammadtaghi Pak Sima,

The Great Escape
The Great Escape (1997)

During the Iran-Iraq war, a soldier is held captive by the enemy forces after lots of sacrifices. In the detention center, some of the captives have planned to escape by an advice from Haji so they can reach the names an...

Run Time: 1h32' . Release: 1997

Categories: Feature,

Director: Naser Mohammadi,

Cast: Manouchehr Akhzarpour, Habib Allahyari, Nosratollah Dastmardi, Hadi Farahani, Farajollah Gel Sefidi,

Director of Photography: Mohammad Ghazi,

Tortoise (1996)

Mokhtar is the middleman for the drug smuggling administration between Iran and the foreign countries. When he resists against the organization orders, they send Eskandar to Iran in order to negotiate with him. The secur...

Run Time: 1h29' . Release: 1996

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Shah Hatami,

Cast: Gholamreza Aliakbari, Reza Ghomi, Aliakbar (Akbar) Habibikia (Moazezi), Ali Hafezi, Javad Hashemi,

Director of Photography: Hossein Maleki,

Sufferance and Ecstasy
Sufferance and Ecstasy (2013)

This film is about a lady who is captured during the Iran-Iraq war and goes to Iraq and returns to Iran after years and is faced with different things.

Run Time: 1h35' . Release: 2013

Categories: Feature,

Director: Jahangir Almasi,

Cast: Ahmad Kaveri, Mahchehreh Khalili, Hossein Khani Beyk, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Shahram Pourasad,

Director of Photography: Dariush Ayari,

The Rooster Trademark Paper
The Rooster Trademark Paper (2011)

Three kids in the 70s are trying to achive their hopes and dreams with hard work, and to make it happen, we the adults also need to help them.

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 2011

Categories: Feature,

Director: Maryam Milani,

Cast: Danial Ebadi, Fatemeh Ebadi, Shahram Pourasad,

Director of Photography: Ali Loghmani,

Fame (2000)

Negar is an actress who is passionate about her work. After her marriage, she has to choose between her job and her life...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Iraj Ghaderi,

Cast: Maryam Dana, Shaghayegh Farahani, Iraj Ghaderi, Soghra (Afarin) Obeysi, Shahram Pourasad,

Director of Photography: Mojtaba Rahimi,

-18 (2007)

The movie concerns the problem of delinquency among the youths, and it is about the production and distribution of immoral films by the youngsters.

Run Time: 1h41' . Release: 2007

Categories: Feature,

Director: Asghar Nasiri,

Cast: Ali Alimardani, Maryam Bateni, Parvaneh Batman, Hossein Ebadi, Rana Gheysari,

Director of Photography: Esfandiar Shahidi,