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Hamid Ebrahimi

Hamid Ebrahimi

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The Earth's Child
The Earth's Child (2007)

Mina is a martyr's widow who has just understood about her husband's death, and Guna is a Kurdish woman who gets paid in return of finding bodies on the other side of the border, She is also pregnant with a baby. It's th...

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 2007

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammadali Bashe Ahangar,

Cast: Hamid Ebrahimi, Shabnam Moghadami, Faegh Mohammadi, Hassan Najarian, Mahtab Nasirpour,

Director of Photography: Alireza Zarrindast,

Alzheimer (2010)

Twenty years after losing her husband in an accident and confronting his burnt body, a woman still cannot believe the loss. While the family holds annual memorandum for the dead husband, she still prints “Desperately See...

Run Time: 1h43' . Release: 2010

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ahmadreza Motamedi,

Cast: Abbas Aghajani Talesh, Mehran Ahmadi, Sophia Dejakam, Hamid Ebrahimi, Farkhondeh Farmanizadeh,

Director of Photography: Ali Loghmani,

The Wind Rider
The Wind Rider (2017)

When Danial enters a jungle to find his mother, he finds out from the dwarf villagers that she gets captivated by Sultan Salaman to play Harp for his sick child. Sultan Salaman's condition for the mother to be released,...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hojjatollah Seyfi,

Cast: Melika Abdollahi, Mohammadreza Ataei, Leyla Bushehri, Hamid Ebrahimi, Jalil Farjad,

Director of Photography: Reza Daneshvar,