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Dandelions' White Heart
Dandelions' White Heart (2014)

A little girl is born at the start of the Iran-Iraq war. When she is blowing out the candle on her birthday cake, a bomb falls on her house and kills her parents. She shaves her head and changes her identity, but endurin...

Run Time: 1h32' . Release: 2014

Categories: Feature,

Director: Afshin Mahmoudi,

Cast: Habib Bakhtiari, Mahchehreh Khalili, Ali Nokte Sanj, Azadeh Shams,

Director of Photography:

The Garden of Paradise
The Garden of Paradise (2013)

The story of a young man named Ali Reza who spends his childhood among the children of work but with the help of an old woman he is able to go to school and university and create a different life for himself.

Run Time: 1h25' . Release: 2013

Categories: Feature,

Director: Morteza Mohammadian,

Cast: Habib Bakhtiari, Mohammadhadi Dibaji, Shohreh Ghamar, Esmaeel Khajezadeh, Jalil Malekzadeh,

Director of Photography:

Maritime Silk Road
Maritime Silk Road (2010)

An Iranian captain decides to take the valuable cargo of merchants to China through Indian ocean for the first time, and during this journey, they face many different accidents and…

Run Time: 2h10' . Release: 2010

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammadreza (Mohammad) Bozorgnia,

Cast: Pegah Ahangarani, Dariush Arjmand, Habib Bakhtiari, Payam Dehkordi, Ezzatollah Entezami,

Director of Photography: Bahram Badakhshani,

Orange Taxi
Orange Taxi (2008)

A young woman with her two children, two men with different characteristics but similar demands, a police officer and a talkative stubborn old lady create some adventures in Kish Island.

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 2008

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammad Ebrahim Vahidzadeh,

Cast: Habib Bakhtiari, Mahmoud Banafsheh Khah, Ali Dehkordi, Sirus Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammadmehdi Faghih Monfared,

Director of Photography: Dariush Ayari,

Fox Trap
Fox Trap (2006)

An intelligence officer, who has also been wounded in the war, is now on the verge of getting retired; his daughter is getting married. Meanwhile, he is engaged in a mission related to a bomb. Then he finds out that he...

Release: 2006

Categories: Feature,

Director: Alireza Eshaghi,

Cast: Mohsen Afshar, Zahra Ahmadi, Bita Baderan, Parisa Baderan, Ebrahim Bahrololumi,

Director of Photography: Farhad Maafi,