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No One Takes Care of the Jungles
No One Takes Care of the Jungles (2014)

The natural resources have been created in an evolutionary process, and time has been spent to create different ecosystems. Efforts have been made in this regard, so protecting it is important because natural resources...

Run Time: 20'0" . Release: 2014

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Yaser Talebi,


Director of Photography: Mohammad Rezaei,

The School We Were Going To
The School We Were Going To (2012)

After many years, Ahmed Talibinhad returned from his archives, invited the old students and teachers, and held a memorial ceremony for the dead people.

Run Time: 26'0" . Release: 2012

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Ahmad Talebinejad,


Director of Photography: Farhad Talebinejad,

8:00 Am
8:00 Am (2016)

It's two hours until new year. Sepideh is pregnant and her husband, Saeid, has been disappeared. Sepideh tries to find him, but she is threatened by a strange man.

Run Time: 21'30" . Release: 2016

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Mohammadjavad Hosseini,

Cast: Mehri Aal Agha, Bita Beigi, Akbar Ghobadirad, Parisa Hashempour,

Director of Photography: Mohammad Soraya,

Love Repent
Love Repent (2016)

A mechanic is introduced to a group of the Revolutionary Guards and trained with them, sent to Syria,while he cares about a pregnant woman and his six year old child and ....

Run Time: 38'0" . Release: 2016

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Mohammad Hadi,


Director of Photography: Davoud Sheikh-ol-eslami,

Rendez-vous (2014)

The nightmare of a young man who has a rendez-vous with a girl, becomes the reality.

Run Time: 10'0" . Release: 2014

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Ali Ghodrati,

Cast: Sahar Shahbaz, Reza Zandjah,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Mohammadpour,

Siavash (1999)

Siavash is a young man who is a musician of a pop band, sixteen years has passed ssince his father's martyrdom, and his mother married another man. At this time he is informed that his father is alive and will come back...

Run Time: 1h28' . Release: 1999

Categories: Feature,

Director: Saman Moghadam,

Cast: Hossein Afshar, Mojtaba Ahmadi, Rahman Bagherian, Hossein Bakhshipour, Hamid Bayani,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Kalari,

Sharareh (1999)

During A couple's wedding,they have heard are a shocked news. The sister of a new bridegroom, along with her little daughter, "Sharareh", are arrested for murder. The young girl is constantly accusing that "I have kille...

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 1999

Categories: Feature,

Director: Siamak Shayeghi,

Cast: Hossein Afshar, Enayatollah Bakhshi, Mitra Banaei, Moslem Basha'reh, Habib Dehghan Nasab,

Director of Photography: Bahman Zonoozi,

Blue (2000)

Mahtab who is depressed beacause of his father's second marriage,drives in the city streets madly. She hits Arastoo's car. As a revenge, Arastoo steals Mahtab's car and dismantles it with the help of his brother and his...

Run Time: 1h24' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hamid Labkhandeh,

Cast: , Asghar Ahadi, Heshmat Aramideh, Jamal Ejlali, Morteza Emami,

Director of Photography: Hassan Pouya,

The Party
The Party (2000)

Amin Haghi is a young and brave journalist who is threatened to death by unknown persons . But he ignores all the threats, and keeps going on and on with what he's doing. Haghi gets kidnapped by a group of unknown peop...

Run Time: 1h40' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Saman Moghadam,

Cast: Ebrahim Bahrololumi, Mohammadreza Ghomi, Soroush Goudarzi, Mehdi Khayami, Ali Mosafa,

Director of Photography: Bahram Badakhshani,

Posessed (2000)

Taher who has had a difficult childhood and is stammering now, marries Roja in spite of his parents' disagreement. They have a peaceful and happy life together for years. On the birthday of their child, a gift is deliver...

Run Time: 1h37' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammadali Sajadi,

Cast: Fatemeh Alizadeh Arab, Fariborz Arabnia, Pouria Davachi, Niloufar Dousti, Zoya Emami,

Director of Photography: Hossein Maleki,

Color of the Night
Color of the Night (2000)

Rasoul who works as a teller in a bank, lives a simple life with his wife, Zohre, and their daughter. Until one day, he has a road accident with a wealthy woman named Batoul and her son. Rasoul takes them to the hospital...

Run Time: 1h20' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammadali Sajadi,

Cast: Mohammad Abhari, Shiva Aghili, Shahram Almasi, Shabnam Almasi, Fariborz Arabnia,

Director of Photography: Hossein Maleki,

Secret of the Rainy Night
Secret of the Rainy Night (2000)

A young Doctor, Masoud Haddad, who is spending his internship in one of the southern cities of Iran is found guilty of the murder of Haniyeh Afraei. Dr. Haddad denies the murder charges but all the witnesses are against...

Run Time: 1h22' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Siamak Atlasi,

Cast: Ramazan Amiri, Siamak Atlasi, Shaghayegh Farahani, Morteza Firouzi, Rasool Ghadboland,

Director of Photography: Hossein Maleki,

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