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A City for a Tree
A City for a Tree (2013)

A filmmaking group is trying to introduce the city of Toyserkan. They try to show the city's architecture, common culture among people and its attractions and problems.

Run Time: 29'0" . Release: 2013

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Amir Amiri, Alireza Rezaei,


Director of Photography: Omid Vafaei,

Meeting (1999)

Two little boys miss Jamkaran's bus. Jamkaran is a village in Qanavat Rural District, in the Central District of Qom County, Qom Province, Iran. They walk to Jamkaran on foot to participate in the Muharram's mourning.

Run Time: 17'50" . Release: 1999

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Akbar Rasekh,

Cast: Maryam Agahi, Javad Hashemi,

Director of Photography: Hossein Nazerian,

Name: Hassan
Name: Hassan (1999)

Tomorrow is the first of September, but he does not have a new notebook. He gets 20 score in dictation so he gets a notebook as a prize.

Run Time: 27'45" . Release: 1999

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Faghiheh Soltani,

Cast: Asadollah Heydarzadeh, Siavash Kouhzad,

Director of Photography: Davoud Delavar,

Wish (2013)

A school boy sells lottery tickets to help his poor parents.

Run Time: 16'0" . Release: 2013

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Ali Fakhar,

Cast: Amir Amiri, Mehdi Karamzadeh, Omid Moradi,

Director of Photography: Mohsen Goudarzi,

Before 30 Years Old
Before 30 Years Old (2017)

Isan, a 17-year-old girl, come back again the addicts' campto after a few months of escaping ,she wants to leave her addiction again, but the authorities do not allow her.

Run Time: 15'0" . Release: 2017

Categories: Short Film, Documentary,

Director: Fazlollah Tari,


Director of Photography: Fazlollah Tari,

Private Life
Private Life (2011)

Ibrahim Kiani is one of the passionate revolutionaries of the early days of 1979 revolution. We see parts of his life during these thirty years; he is an active participant in demonstrations against bad Hijab and against...

Run Time: 1h45' . Release: 2011

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammad Hossein Farahbakhsh,

Cast: Amir Aghaei, Amir Amiri, Farhad Aslani, Mana Bahrami, Fariborz Bazeghi,

Director of Photography: Farajollah Heydari,