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Nothing Has Ever Happened Here
Nothing Has Ever Happened Here (2016)

An Iranian filmmaker goes back to Tehran to make a film about living in a world ravaged by war. The film is based on the testimonies of those who survived and now share their painful memories.

Run Time: 20'0" . Release: 2016

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Ayat Najafi,

Cast: Shoja Azari, Kambiz Hosseini, Kathreen Khavari, Niebanck Paul, Yaged Yaged,

Director of Photography: Kouhyar (Koohyar) Kalari,

Avicenna (1987)

Avicenna was imprisoned by Amir Shams al-Dawla at his elderly years. His brother, who was away from him since childhood, pays his fine to free him. This movie tells the story of the ups and downs of the life of this reno...

Run Time: 1h43' . Release: 1987

Categories: Feature,

Director: Keyhan Rahgozar,

Cast: Mohammad Abhari, Firouz Behjat Mohammadi, Nasrin Ghasemzadeh, Shahzad Kamali, Jamshid Layegh,

Director of Photography: Farrokh Majidi,