Ebrahim Barzideh

Ebrahim Barzideh

Ebrahim Barzideh

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One Tribe Coffee
One Tribe Coffee (2016)

A woman is going to choose between two men. One is full of contradictions and madnesses, but deeply in love with her, and the steady one who can give her peace and calmness.

Run Time: 18'12" . Release: 2016

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Zahra Jafari,

Cast: Ebrahim Barzideh, Neda Jafari, Reza Nematian,

Director of Photography: Saeed Hesari,

Fish Lake
Fish Lake (2016)

This movie takes a look at the time after Iran-Iraq war and tells the story of a few families who reach each other at a common point and meanwhile a lost love is found.

Run Time: 1h25' . Release: 2016

Categories: Feature,

Director: Maryam Dousti,

Cast: Ebrahim Barzideh, Hossein Bashe Ahangar, Ali Dehkordi, Setareh Eskandari, Nader Falah,

Director of Photography:

Mazar Sharif
Mazar Sharif (2014)

The story is about Taliban’s attack on Iran’s embassy in Mazarsharif and the death of an Iranian diplomat.

Run Time: 1h27' . Release: 2014

Categories: Feature,

Director: Abdolhassan Barzideh,

Cast: Mehdi Agahi, Mohammad Aghamohammadi, Ali Ataei, Reza Azizi, Ebrahim Barzideh,

Director of Photography: Alireza Zarrindast,