Sajad Esmaeel Beigi

Sajad Esmaeel Beigi

Sajad Esmaeel Beigi

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Soulful (2016)

Because of the medium's mistake a séance goes wrong and it causes a humorous disaster.

Run Time: 6'13" . Release: 2016

Categories: Animation, Short Film,

Director: Elmira Bagherzadeh,


Director of Photography: Elmira Bagherzadeh, Sajad Esmaeel Beigi,

Amin & Akvan
Amin & Akvan (2017)

Two young men (Amin and Akvan) one a barber, one a dyer, are both experts in their profession. They go to a remote town by ship. The town has limited industries and crafts and it is therefore a good market for work. They...

Run Time: 1h16' . Release: 2017

Categories: Animation,

Director: Zohal Razavi,


Director of Photography: