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Waiting for Someone
Waiting for Someone (1999)

Farhad enters in his past incidentally. This entry causes him to search about his life and character.

Run Time: 24'50" . Release: 1999

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Alireza Sabzevari,

Cast: Farhad Aslani, Abbas Mousavi,

Director of Photography: Fereydoun Shirdel,

Dena Park Ranger
Dena Park Ranger (2017)

Because of the weakness of laws, Environment guards to protect the National Park Dena faced with many challenges. So as to protect this reserve of the country, either they must kill the hunter, or look at the killing of...

Run Time: 40'0" . Release: 2017

Categories: Short Film, Documentary,

Director: Sharif Eslami,


Director of Photography: Mohammad Mousavi,

The Insane Flew Away
The Insane Flew Away (2002)

Yalda has married Rouzbeh who is a war veteran. Rouzbeh has to be hospitalized sometimes for to his illness in order to be treated. Yalda loves him so much, but she somehow doubts their relationship. Rouzbeh works in the...

Run Time: 1h58' . Release: 2002

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ahmadreza Motamedi,

Cast: Saeedeh Arab, Peyman Asadi, Ali Ataei, Ezzatollah Entezami, Hossein Fakour,

Director of Photography: Mohammad Aladpoosh,

The Eclipse
The Eclipse (1992)

A woman named Sarah runs away from her destiny, and while seeking her missing one , she gets involved into a struggle with her brother, cousin and uncle. In this way, she meets a young man who looks after a treasure. T...

Run Time: 1h27' . Release: 1992

Categories: Feature,

Director: Rasool Mollagholipour,

Cast: Hamid Abdolmaleki, Fariborz Arabnia, Mahmoud Basiri, Behzad Behzadpour, Hooshang Ferdows,

Director of Photography: Hossein Jafarian,

Zinat (1993)

Zinat is a young social worker who works in a health center near a southern village. On the verge of her marriage, the groom`s family do not agree with her job. Her effort in winning the suitor`s attention doesn’t come t...

Run Time: 1h27' . Release: 1993

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ebrahim Mokhtari,

Cast: Mahvash Afsharpanah, Shahin Alizadeh, Abbas Arjmandi, Zahra Darvishi, Maryam Farhang,

Director of Photography: Homayoun Payvar,

Kimia (Alchemy)
Kimia (Alchemy) (1994)

Reza's wife is pregnant when the war begins. She needs a surgery. Reza gets her to the hospital and is caught and held captive afterwards. The wife dies while giving birth, but the child is saved. When Reza comes back h...

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 1994

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ahmadreza Darvish,

Cast: Ali Akbarzadegan, Mahnaz Barzegar, Bita Farahi, Reza Kianian, Abbas Mousavi,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Kalari,

The Half
The Half (2015)

Some stains must be cleaned by something akin to a stain remover.

Run Time: 1h10' . Release: 2015

Categories: Feature,

Director: Bahman Kamyar,

Cast: Negar Abedi, Farimah Farjami, Sadrodin Hejazi, Hasti Mahdavifar, Sam Mashayekhi,

Director of Photography: Hossein Nazerian,

On Zero Line
On Zero Line (2007)

Years after Iraq's invasion of Iran, on zero border line, a dead body is found by a Kurd woman and sent to the Center of Search for Martyrs in Tehran. After inspecting the body, they are amazed to find two identification...

Release: 2007

Categories: Feature,

Director: Arash Ghaderi,

Cast: Mohammad Afravi, Fatemeh Amiri, Navid Ebtedaei, Siamak Ehsaei, Ameneh Keyvani,

Director of Photography: Mohammadreza Sokout,