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Cafe Tehran
Cafe Tehran (2014)

From a historical aspect, cafés are a phenomenon that came to Iran from western countries. Today, the city of Tehran has particular social and political circumstances, therefore cafés are different from the ones in weste...

Run Time: 29'11" . Release: 2014

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Niloufar Saeedi,


Director of Photography: Ali Mohammadzadeh,

M.I.S the City that Was
M.I.S the City that Was (2008)

This documentary depicts the history of Masjed Soleiman, where the oil was discoverd for the first time, interviewing the workers.

Run Time: 1h2' . Release: 2008

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Mehdi Karampour,

Cast: Farhad Varahram,

Director of Photography: Morteza Poursamadi, Ali Ranjbar, Aliakbar Yaghoubi,

Café Tehran
Café Tehran (2014)

This documentary shows" the cafe phenomenon" in Tehran today with a sociological approach . The cafe is actually a Western phenomenon.It plays an important social role specially in European countries. But its history i...

Run Time: 29'0" . Release: 2014

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Niloufar Saeedi,


Director of Photography: Ali Mohammadzadeh,

The Architecture Hunter
The Architecture Hunter (2016)

The story of the honey bee hunter spider pest alfalfa who does not have a collective life and a hive.

Run Time: 15'0" . Release: 2016

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Khalil Zare'ei Manujan,


Director of Photography: Khalil Zare'ei Manujan,

A Very Close Encounter
A Very Close Encounter (2008)

A car accident takes place on a highway. Both of the drivers are women. Because of the injuries, one ends up in a coma, but after the investigations by police, the officer in charge of the case is doubtful that the whol...

Run Time: 1h40' . Release: 2008

Categories: Feature,

Director: Esmaeel Mihandoust,

Cast: Fatemeh Aghababaei, Shahrokh Forutanian, Ladan Mostofi, Anahita (Ana) Nemati, Ramin Nemati,

Director of Photography: Farshad Mohammadi,

A Meeting
A Meeting (2010)

"A Meeting" is a film by three different directors from three different generations: The first one is well-experienced and one of the oldest in his career. The second is middle-aged and still getting experiences. The las...

Run Time: 1h34' . Release: 2010

Categories: Feature,

Director: Shapour Gharib, Hadi Moghadam Doust, Abbas Rafei,

Cast: Hooshang Akhondpour, Parviz Ashournia, Ali Boruni, Setareh Eskandari, Mohammadmehdi Faghih Monfared,

Director of Photography: Hassan Karimi,

The Sealed Secret
The Sealed Secret (2012)

the story of a lonely girl whose condition begins to improve with the help of a friend but the girl of the story is not brave enough to introduce this friend to others.

Run Time: 1h29' . Release: 2012

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hadi Moghadam Doust,

Cast: Khatereh Asadi, Leyla Hatami, Arash Majidi, Samira Moslemi,

Director of Photography: Roozbeh Rayga,

The Voice of Silence
The Voice of Silence (2010)

The film has a social theme and exhausts doubt in the relationships involving a love triangle.

Run Time: 1h29' . Release: 2010

Categories: Feature,

Director: Meysam Hosseini,

Cast: Chekameh Chamanmah, Bahman Dan, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Mirmohammad Tajadod Hosseini,

Director of Photography: Alireza Rajaei Moghadam,