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Mitra Dehghan

Mitra Dehghan

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Please Keep Silence
Please Keep Silence (2013)

An old man in the desert is waiting for the bus, but since he does not have the ticket, nobody gives him a ride, until he finds a ticket and gets into the death bus.

Run Time: 15'0" . Release: 2013

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Saeed Sadeghi,


Director of Photography: Saeed Sadeghi,

The Red Reason
The Red Reason (2000)

This movie is about the last week of the life of Morteza Avini as narrated through the eyes of someone who served along with him. It is a story which eventually leads to a new definition of war and human dignity in the s...

Run Time: 1h16' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Bahram Tavakoli,

Cast: Mitra Dehghan, Mahmoud Fathollahi, Alireza Salamian,

Director of Photography: Touraj Aslani,

Katyusha (2018)

Two varying people with two different backgrounds face each other.

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 2018

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Atshani,

Cast: Darioush Aghaei, Arzhang Amirfazli, Bita Atshani, Bijan Banafsheh Khah, Mitra Dehghan,

Director of Photography: Mani Atshani,