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Like Acid on the Tongue
Like Acid on the Tongue (2016)

This film tells the story of Mahbod DJ's problems, concerns, and issues of his life , a young man who is totally alien to the surrounding metropolis in Tehran, feeling loneliness and a great contradiction between his ind...

Run Time: 1h10' . Release: 2016

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Sarvenaz Alam Beigi,


Director of Photography: , , , ,

The Millionaire
The Millionaire (1954)

Zardoost is a greedy millionaire who hires an athlete called Manoochehr to smuggle some jewels out of the country. He sets off into the woods with Manoochehr and his fiance, Mehri, disguised as hunters. After a series of...

Run Time: 1h47' . Release: 1954

Categories: Feature,

Director: Amin Amini,

Cast: , , Yasaman, Gholamreza Karimi, Asghar Tafakori,

Director of Photography: Mohsen Badee,

Dawn of Victory
Dawn of Victory (2000)

Rasoul, who has lost his wife and their only child, Mohsen, in an Iraq airstrike on Dezful, joins the fighters who intend to defend their country by stopping the enemy’s access to Karkhe garrison and Karkhe’s strategic b...

Run Time: 1h17' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hossein Bolande,

Cast: , Kazem Afrandnia, Habib Allahyari, Fariborz Arabnia, Bahram Bolande,

Director of Photography: Hossein Maleki,

Naughty Girl
Naughty Girl (1975)

Farhad, son of a wealthy man named Afkham, is in love with a dancer, Setareh, who is looking to obtain his wealth. Afkham hires a girl, Maryam, to distract his son from Setareh. Farhad eventually learns about the truth a...

Run Time: 1h27' . Release: 1975

Categories: Feature,

Director: Jamshid Sheibani,

Cast: Peyman, , Simin Ghaffari, Mohammad Haghdel, Mahdavifar,

Director of Photography: Dariush Eghbali,

Defending Honor
Defending Honor (1975)

Asieh is in a relationship with Kiomars and asks him to marry her. Kiomars rejects to marry. Asieh returns to her village to live along with her father and sister. After a while, Kiomars finds out that Asieh's father has...

Run Time: 1h38' . Release: 1975

Categories: Feature,

Director: Rokni,

Cast: Nadia, , Aram, Peyman, Mohammadtaghi Kahnamouei,

Director of Photography: Ali Sadeghi,

The Thief
The Thief (1975)

A man who has done lots of bad things in the past decides to live a new life. But then decides to rob somewhere because he needs the money for one of his relatives who is sick. He falls in love with the owner of the robb...

Run Time: 1h21' . Release: 1975

Categories: Feature,

Director: Rokni,

Cast: Haleh, , Salomeh, Ali Azad, Homa Bakhtiar,

Director of Photography: Ali Sadeghi,

Distance (1975)

A young man asks for a girl’s hand in marriage but her family doesn’t accept him. The boy gets disappointed, but after some time, he finds the girl, who has become poor out of her father’s problems, in an infamous house....

Run Time: 1h21' . Release: 1975

Categories: Feature,

Director: Morteza Aghili,

Cast: , Morteza Aghili, Ahmad Moeini, Abbas Nazeri, Bahram Vatanparast,

Director of Photography: Mehdi Amir Ghasemkhani,

Anxiety (1976)

Shahmir is an accountant of a famous company. He is falsely accused of stealing but escapes before he gets arrested. He goes into a struggle with the head of accounting section (who is the real thief) and kills him. He i...

Run Time: 1h42' . Release: 1976

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samuel Khachikian,

Cast: Sepideh, , Abdollah Butimar, Leyla Forouhar, Abdollah (Behzad) Javanbakhshfard (Javanbakhsh),

Director of Photography: Ali Mazinani,

The Veterans
The Veterans (1982)

Two young soldiers who have passed their childhood together meet each other once again in Iran-Iraq war. One of them works in the Guard Corps (Sepah) while the other is in the Army. They are called for a destruction op...

Run Time: 1h13' . Release: 1982

Categories: Feature,

Director: Naser Mohammadi,

Cast: , Mansour Baradaran, Naser Hakamabadi, Kaveh Hossein Amrani, Asghar Jalalian,

Director of Photography: Reza Anjomruz,

Uprising (1980)

Teymour is a feudal and is supported by one of the strongest Savak members . He has gathered up a violent gang and has all the surrounding villages under his control and plunders the villagers.. Seyyed Mostafa, the son...

Run Time: 1h50' . Release: 1980

Categories: Feature,

Director: Reza Safaei,

Cast: , Negin, Shahin, Shahrooz Ramtin,

Director of Photography: Reza Anjomruz,

Death in the Rain
Death in the Rain (1974)

"Jalal" who was betrayed by his colleagues and a police officer, who has caused his pregnant wife to die, returns to take revenge.Therefore he kidnaps the officer's pregnant wife .

Run Time: 1h42' . Release: 1974

Categories: Feature,

Director: Samuel Khachikian,

Cast: , Aram, Tavous, Mohammadali (Kamran) Bakhtar, Farideh Bayat,

Director of Photography: Ali Mazinani,

Hunting at Night
Hunting at Night (1984)

A man is killed in a ceremony and police begins the investigation to find the murderer. Because of the presence of some political figures in the party, the authorities order to stop the case. But one of the officers purs...

Release: 1984

Categories: Feature,

Director: Shahram Shobeyri,

Cast: , Ali Amjadi, Mohsen Ghobadi, Reza (Manouchehr) Hamedi Khorasani, Maliheh Nasiri,

Director of Photography: Abbas Sanifar,