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The Twelfth Team-Mate
The Twelfth Team-Mate (2010)

A boy wants to watch the football match between Iran and Japan, but because of death of his grandpa, according to "Bakhtiari's (Any member of a community of nomadic pastoral tent dwellers of western Iran) custom nobody s...

Run Time: 17'0" . Release: 2010

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Fereydoun Najafi,

Cast: Khatereh Hosseini, Mozhgan Omidi, Abbas Parvizi, Habib Tajmiri,

Director of Photography: Vahid Hosseinzadeh,

Where Is Fatemeh's House
Where Is Fatemeh's House (2010)

A boy tries his best to fulfil his sick mother's wish that he should get her some food from seven women named Fatemeh. But the problem is, there are only four Fatemehs in the village.

Run Time: 18'10" . Release: 2010

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Fereydoun Najafi,


Director of Photography: Hamzeh Omidi,

Intersection (2010)

Two children fighting for a job race to determine who will get the position. One of them desperately needs to earn money to buy a goldfish.

Run Time: 5'58" . Release: 2010

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi,

Cast: Mojtaba Amini, Meysam Gha'edi,

Director of Photography: Amin Mohammadi,

The Skier
The Skier (2017)

An antelope which has sheltered to the village is going to be sacrificed in a traditional ceremony. Joli is a boy who tries to save the antelope prior to the beginning of the race in the afternoon.

Run Time: 1h20' . Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Fereydoun Najafi,

Cast: Ava Darvit, Amirreza Faramarzi, Mozhgan Mohammadi, Reza Mouri, Mozhgan Omidi,

Director of Photography: Farhad Mahmoudi,

The Price of Blood
The Price of Blood (2018)

A father and his family have been sacrificed because of local traditions! They are waiting for good news which changes their life...

Run Time: 21'0" . Release: 2018

Categories: Short Film, Documentary,

Director: Marjan Khosravi,


Director of Photography: Javad Yousefi,