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A Beautiful Snowy Day
A Beautiful Snowy Day (2009)

A decision day in the life of a woman and a child, the woman must make a very important decision.

Run Time: 33'0" . Release: 2009

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Mahaya Petrossian, Amir Toudeh Roosta,

Cast: Atila Pesyani, Mahaya Petrossian, Mohammad Sadr, Sadegh Safaei, Maedeh Tahmasbi,

Director of Photography: Morteza Ghafouri,

Hollow Soil
Hollow Soil (2001)

An Afghan man has a pregnant wife who needs a surgery. He is looking for money for her operation.

Run Time: 20'2" . Release: 2001

Categories: Short Film,

Director: Hossein Ghena'at,

Cast: Ghorban Najafi, Sadegh Safaei,

Director of Photography: Morteza Poursamadi,

Karkheh to Rhein
Karkheh to Rhein (1992)

A chemically poisoned veteran goes to Germany for treatment. There he meets his sister, who has been living in Germany for years…

Run Time: 1h33' . Release: 1992

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia,

Cast: Farzaneh Asgari, Ebrahim Asgharzadeh, Ebadollah Behafrouz, Ali Dehkordi, Nicole Garica,

Director of Photography: Mahmoud Kalari,

Girls' Dormitory
Girls' Dormitory (2004)

Roya and Shirin, are neighbors, encounter a new problem after being accepted in the University Entrance Exam. Their university is located on a mountaintop, out of Tehran. And their families would not let them go there ....

Run Time: 1h36' . Release: 2004

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammad Hossein Latifi,

Cast: Khosro Ahmadi, Mehdi Batebi, Fatemeh Dehghaninejad, Hossein Doustdar, Solmaz Ghobadi,

Director of Photography: Hamid Khozouei Abyane,

The Glass Agency
The Glass Agency (1997)

Abbas, a former fighter in the Iran-Iraq war and a current agriculturist travels to Tehran to take medical treatments for the pain he has in his neck with his wife, Narges. He faces his former commander, Haj Kazem. Kazem...

Run Time: 1h55' . Release: 1997

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia,

Cast: Bita Baderan, Hengameh Farazmand, Mohammad Hatami, Reza Kianian, Farhad Mahadian,

Director of Photography: Aziz Sa'ati,

When Everyone Was Asleep
When Everyone Was Asleep (2005)

After years of waiting, it's now due for Salimeh, the old and beloved midwife of the Tazeh Abad village, to go to Mecca. While the old Salimeh is biding her farewell to the villagers and asking for their forgiveness, it'...

Run Time: 1h24' . Release: 2005

Categories: Feature,

Director: Fereydoun Hassanpour,

Cast: Golab Adineh, Nazanin Farahani, Mohammadreza Foroutan, Sadegh Safaei, Ghazal Shakeri,

Director of Photography: Nader Masoumi,

Tomorrow (2013)

Three stories are told in one film about the companionship of ghosts and humans. A man is lost in a jungle and a woodsman saves him. The man finds out that the woodsman was a ghost. In the next story, a mother and daught...

Run Time: 1h26' . Release: 2013

Categories: Feature,

Director: Iman Afsharian, Mehdi Pakdel,

Cast: Mohammadreza Alimardani, Ali Dehkordi, Amirreza Delavari, Setareh Eskandari, Sadegh Safaei,

Director of Photography:

Niloofar (2008)

The story of a young Iraqi girl who dreams of being a doctor. Her relationship with his family members especially his shepherd uncle, is the basis for new incidents in her life.

Run Time: 1h22' . Release: 2008

Categories: Feature,

Director: Sabine El Gemayel,

Cast: Amir Aghaei, Zahra Davoudnejad, Nayereh Farahani, Hengameh Ghaziani, Shahab Hosseini,

Director of Photography: Bahram Badakhshani,

The Crimson Journey
The Crimson Journey (2000)

On the day of the fall of Khorramshahr, a number of voluntary forces, along with two injured people, two nurses and a group of citizens are leaving the city. They arrive at a bridge which has fallen into the hands of the...

Run Time: 1h30' . Release: 2000

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hamid Farrokhnejad,

Cast: Borzoo Arjmand, Habib Dehghan Nasab, Ahmad Kaveri, Sadegh Safaei, Ghazal Saremi,

Director of Photography: Ali Loghmani,