Who Killed Amir? 2006

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A burnt down car is discovered with a corpse inside it deep down a valley. The dead person is believed to be a guy named Amir. Amir’s wife, along with his business partner, his step-daughter, his psychoanalyst, his workmate and his childhood friend all tell how much they miss Amir and every one of them explain their relationship with him. A harsh truth is revealed after they speak their words. Each and every one of them apparently had planned to murder Amir, but none of them had succeeded. Amir was tired of what was going on around him so he had given all his wealth to a driver and he had left his home, so the corpse was not Amir and was in fact the driver. But Amir believes that he can live better anonymously.

Who Killed Amir? [scene] Who Killed Amir? [scene] Who Killed Amir? [scene] Who Killed Amir? [poster]
Persian Title:

چه کسی امیر را کشت؟

Persian Title in English:

Che Kasi Amir ra Kosht?


Mehdi Karampour,



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Who Killed Amir? [poster] Who Killed Amir? [poster]

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Who Killed Amir? [scene] Who Killed Amir? [scene] Who Killed Amir? [scene] Who Killed Amir? [poster] Who Killed Amir? [poster]

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