Injured At War 1998

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A group of Iraqi forces has occupied one of the Kurdish border villages. They are planning to deploy their ammunition slums and their missile platform and to attack western cities of Iran. Seyyed Ghasem Khorram Darreh, is sent to the village along with some Basijis. They are responsible to identify the position and rescue the villagers. They had previously been exposed by the counter-revolution members. Thus the Iraqi forces besiege them. The headquarters immediately send a small group of selected forces consisting of Sobhan, Morteza, Javad, Jamal, Hossein and Rasool to the area. In the village, during a tough battle, the villagers are finally set free from the enemy's siege. A number of combatants Including Seyyed Ghasem Khorram Darreh are martyred in the battle.

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Persian title:

مجروح جنگی

Persian title in english:

Majroohe Jangi


Asghar Nasiri,


Drama, War,

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Injured At War

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Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [scene] Injured At War [behind the scenes] Injured At War [poster] Injured At War [poster]

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