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In 1977, a small group of Muslim warriors steal a number of documents from the ministry of foreign affairs. One of the members called Ahmad tries to take the documents out of Tehran. He starts the mission according to a carefully designed plan but he is surrounded in the railway station. Before he is arrested, he changes his bag with another one which belongs to a man called Hosein. Torture and interrogation results in vain, so SAVAK (Security and Information Administration of the country before the revolution) releases him conditionally. They announce that anyone who delivers the bag will get be awarded. Hosein needs money to send his wife abroad for a treatment. He finds some money in the bag but when he sees the announcement, he calls the number but soon realizes that the number belongs to SAVAK. Ahmad finds Hosein's address. SAVAK finds his house too according to the phone number. A severe struggle comes up but at the end the group succeed to gain the documents.

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53 نفر

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53 Nafar



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53 Individuals [scene] 53 Individuals [scene] 53 Individuals [scene] 53 Individuals [behind the scenes] 53 Individuals [poster]

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