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Four young people struggling with so many problems, especially the financial ones, become friends. The driver is a nervous person who is constantly having trouble with his wife. He has owed someone a large amount of money, and as he didn't pay his debts on time, the man intends to take his car which is his only asset. The young man whose work does not pay off his problems, has also a sick brother who's about to die, and a beloved woman who is away from him because of financial problems. The young student who is an English teacher, loves a young girl and wants to marry her but he cannot afford it. The philosophy student, on the other hand, finds nothing interesting in his life, but is going to be the forth side of an important event: While discussing about their lives, these four young people decide to commit an armed robbery. Inspiring from a book of the English writer James Hadley Chase, the philosophy student makes a plot; and finally after providing the necessary means, they go to do it. But the young student's fiancee surrenders them to the police. So the story ends with the annihilation of these four people.

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Persian title:

هفت پرده

Persian title in english:

Haft Parde


Farzad Motamen,



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