The Burnt Slip (Afflicted Generation) 2000

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First story: Setareh Asadi is to be the nurse of Amir Bahador, the disabled son of the Qajar prince. Soon the old prince happens to fall in love with her. Amir Bahador who is getting his health back on track, also realizes that he has feelings for Setareh. This makes the old prince furious. So in return of Setareh's negative response to his love, the prince blinds the eyes of Amir Bahador, his step-son. Second story: Setareh and Amir Bahador have a daughter. She is hospitalized in the pediatric surgery department of the Madaen hospital. Setareh decides to steal in order to provide her daughter's treatments. As a passenger, she rides a taxi. She reviews her difficult life situation in which his blind husband has disappeared and her sick daughter is in a though condition. Then suddenly and with a carpet knife, she forces the driver to give her his earnings. Ahmad, the taxi driver who suffers from a lot of financial problems himself, talks to Setareh about his life. Setareh gets depressed and leaves the taxi before he recovers. But early in the next morning, Ahmad's dead body is found on the highway. Third story: Years later, Nasim, Setareh's daughter, along with three others, decide to steal a jewelry store. The theft of jewelry coincides with the street demonstration of people asking for the press freedom. During the robbery and when a jewelry dealer is murdered, his co-worker presses the alarm button. With the arrival of police, heavy clashes happen between the robbers and the police forces. Eventually, all the robbers are killed and their bodies are taken to the police station. Colonel Rauf Mozafarpour, the commander of the police department, realizes that Nasim is still alive. After some time and when she recovers, she talks to Colonel about her miserable life. Sharhang who is listening to her story and is reminded of her own daughter, sympathizes with her.

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The Burnt Slip (Afflicted Generation) [scene] The Burnt Slip (Afflicted Generation) [poster]
Persian title:

نسل سوخته

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Nasle Sookhteh

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The Burnt Slip (Afflicted Generation)

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The Burnt Slip (Afflicted Generation) [scene] The Burnt Slip (Afflicted Generation) [poster]

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The Burnt Slip (Afflicted Generation)

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