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Damascus Time
Damascus Time (2017)

The film narrates the story of Iran's aid aircraft for Syria, which encounters trouble landing at Damascus airport.

Run Time: 02h00' . Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia,

Cast: Babak Hamidian, Hadi Hejazifar,

Director of photography: Mehdi Jafari,

You'll Stay
You'll Stay (2017)

Mehdi Amini is faced with crises created by the opposing forces in the Darlak region at the borders of Turkey when he enters the Army of Urmia in the early 80s. His efforts and those of his sincere compatriots are left i...

Run Time: 01h37' . Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hamid Bahmani,

Cast: Babak Ansari, Sogol Tahmasbi, Amirmohammad Zand, Mohammad Sabet,

Director of photography: Bijan Rahmati,

Diane (2017)

A story about the day after the war. The story of the people living in a village, trying to have a better future.

Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Behrooz Nouranipour,

Cast: Naser Babaeiyan, Abdollah Zavareh, Bahar Maroufi,

Director of photography: Saman Latifian,

Bomb, A Love Story
Bomb, A Love Story (2017)

Life is going on with horror during the years of war and urban bombardment in Tehran. The terrifying reality of death is forgotten by love and affection, life and hope. The memories of the dead are repeated in the words...

Run Time: 02h00' . Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Peyman Moadi,

Cast: Leyla Hatami, Habib Rezaei, Siamak Ansari, Peyman Moadi,

Director of photography: Mahmoud Kalari,

The Lost Strait
The Lost Strait (2017)

On July 12th, 1988, the southern frontline experiences heavy fire. A critical point which the enemy is looking to conquer in order to reach the key cities and roads in Iran is the Abu Gharib Strait - a name which has be...

Run Time: 01h30' . Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Bahram Tavakoli,

Cast: Ghorban Najafi, Javad Ezati, Amir Jadidi, Hamidreza Azarang,

Director of photography: Hamid Khozouei Abyane,

Demented Times
Demented Times (2017)

After the adoption of resolution 598 in Mordad of 1367 (1988), a group of Ba'athist attack a hospital. A 28-year-old nurse, Setareh and her fiance Maziyar,flee to Kermanshah along with a group of wounded soldiers. Afte...

Release: 2017

Categories: Feature,

Director: Yasaman Nosrati,

Cast: Amirali Danai, Sahar Oftadeh, Soheil Barkhordari, Shirin Ataollahi,

Director of photography: Amir Karimi,

Eshnougel (2016)

"Yonus" who was the commander of a group of divers, goes MIA (missing in action) three nights before the operation while trying to dig a tunnel in the operation zone. Now after thirty years, new information shows that Yo...

Run Time: 01h25' . Release: 2016

Categories: Feature,

Director: Ali Soleimani, Hadi Hajatmand,

Cast: Borzoo Arjmand, Mah Chehre Khalili, Rahim Norouzi, Kaveh Samak Bashi,

Director of photography: Hassan Asadi,

Mahoora (2016)

In a borderline village, the most beautiful girl is chosen as the bride of Hoor and spends one day a week in water, so that Hoor is impregnated and does not become angry. Amin, also known as Samoor, is an Iranian smuggle...

Run Time: 01h45' . Release: 2016

Categories: Feature,

Director: Hamid Zargarnejad,

Cast: Dariush Arjmand, Mitra Hajjar, Yousef Moradian, Ali Osivand,

Director of photography: Morteza Ghafouri,

Villa Dwellers
Villa Dwellers (2016)

During the Iran-Iraq war, families of many warriors live in the villas near the war zone. Aziz has come to a villa to see her only son Davood and brings along her two grandchildren. Aziz’s arrival is coincided by some ne...

Run Time: 01h40' . Release: 2016

Categories: Feature,

Director: Monir Gheydi,

Cast: Soraya Ghasemi, Saber Abar, Tanaz Tabatabaei, Anahita Afshar,

Director of photography: Ali Ghazi,

The Banquet Of Battle
The Banquet Of Battle (2016)

Release: 2016

Categories: Documentary,

Director: Vahid Hosseini,


Director of photography: Vahid Hosseini,

Battle Of Persian Gulf
Battle Of Persian Gulf (2016)

This film displays a part of the IRGC Fleet engagement with the Naval fleet of the United States in the Persian Gulf. In this film, Iran defeats the classic American fleet in the Persian Gulf using the asymmetric warfare...

Run Time: 01h30' . Release: 2016

Categories: Animation,

Director: Farhad Azima,


Director of photography:

Standing In The Mist (Standing In Dust)
Standing In The Mist (Standing In Dust) (2015)

Ahmad who spends his teenage years in silence becomes the commander of an army that must fight the enemy in the gates of Khorramshahr, but his destiny lays kilometers away, outside of Iran’s border. This film is a reenac...

Run Time: 02h00' . Release: 2015

Categories: Feature,

Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian,

Cast: Hadi Hejazifar, Amirhossein Hashemi,

Director of photography:

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